WordPress Maintenance Service Checklist
Relax WordPress Update Service package

Our affordable WordPress care plan's highlights

  • Regular WordPress core updates
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Regular theme updates
  • Daily backups
  • Critical security updates
  • Enhanced security to protect your site
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Is this WordPress Update Service for me?

This update service package is the entry level package and is a great solution for a straight forward WordPress website (without advanced functionality such as being an online store, membership / login functionality or multilingual). With this package you have the benefit of someone else handling the WordPress core, theme and plugin updates on a weekly basis, plus online availability monitoring, daily offsite backups and access to support via email 24/7. Even the smallest site needs regular updates to continue to run effectively.

How the WordPress Update Service works

Once you sign up to a WordPress Maintenance Service package you will receive a welcoming email explaining how the on-boarding process works, which usually takes around 48 hours to complete.

The on-boarding task list below includes tasks we typically do when a client signs up with us. This prepares the website for on-going WordPress management and ensures that the site is safe, secure and loading fast!

We make sure that the username and password provided for your WordPress website and hosting account work.

The website management system allows us to have your offsite backups running as soon as you sign up and we set up your uptime monitoring so that we’re always the first to know if there’s a problem.

As part of our security checks, we ensure that all inactive users are removed.

We run manual updates. We run initial WordPress Core updates, theme updates and plugin updates for you. We test your site to ensure that everything remains compatible. Our preferred update method is to always update on staging for testing before pushing to live.

Once the on-boarding process is complete (normally within 48 hours) you will receive another email confirming your website has been successfully added to your Website Maintenance Service plan. A few days later you will receive your first maintenance report containing useful details about your WordPress updates, website uptime, backups, security, visitor statistics and website performance.

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WordPress Update Service Highlights Explained

Automated site checks 24/7 keeping an eye on your site’s health. Your website is checked 1,440 times a day. If it’s down a team of WordPress experts take action within 60 seconds, 24/7.

A team of experts around the world, ready to help at any time, including the weekends! Should there be a problem with your site, including problems with the code in your theme, a plugin or even being hacked, there is someone on hand to help get the site back up and running. It is like having an insurance policy for your website.

WordPress updates to your website every single week. Your plugins, themes and core files will all be updated every week during low-traffic hours. Having your website updated regularly ensures your site is benefiting from the latest security patches, performance enhancements and new features.

Your backups are saved daily on our secure cloud storage infrastructure. If anything happens, we have your core files and database stored remotely for easy access and 1-click restore. We never leave backups to chance. We schedule backups during optimal, low-traffic times to ensure they’re 100% successful. What’s more with a global support team available 24/7, should a backup fail for any reason there is someone on hand to deal with it.

Weekly reports provide lots of useful details about your WordPress updates, website uptime, backups, security, visitor statistics and website performance. These reports can be used to identify areas where your site performs well and where you could improve or explore new business opportunities.

Sample WordPress Maintenance Service Report

If you need access to robust visitor analytics, our team will connect your site into Google Analytics so you can review visitor behaviour (without any privacy concerns).