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The Relax WordPress Care Plan is the affordable solution I have always wanted to offer. A cost-effective and robust service for start up businesses or companies with uncomplicated websites.

I have been a small business owner since 2001. Running my own design company. It’s been a blast and I love the freedom being my own boss has afforded me at times. However I also know what it is like running from pillar to post, spinning a huge number of plates in between on a daily basis to keep your business going.

One of the big things for me was always keeping on top of my own website. I know sounds mad doesn’t it, a designer who hasn’t got the time to keep his website up to date but much like the builder who lives in a building site because they spend all their time working and doesn’t have any time left to work on their own home, I simply let the updates slip hoping things would be ok and promising myself I’d get round to it one day.

Unluckily for me in the the end I had my hand forced, my site got hacked! It was a risk I knew I was taking and a massive lesson to learn.

It is my hope that this affordable WordPress Care Plan will save you from going through all the stress, loss of revenue and hassle I had.

Relax Affordable WordPress Care Plan

Our affordable WordPress care plan's highlights

  • Regular WordPress core updates
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Regular theme updates
  • Daily backups
  • Critical security updates
  • Enhanced security to protect your site
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WordPress Update Service Highlights Explained

Regular WordPress updates to your website. Your plugins, themes and core files will all be updated during low-traffic hours. Having your website updated regularly ensures your site is benefiting from the latest security patches, performance enhancements and new features.

Your site will be backed up are saved daily. If anything were to ever happen, we have your core files and database stored remotely for easy access and 1-click restore. We never leave backups to chance. We schedule backups during optimal, low-traffic times to ensure they’re 100% successful.

If you need access to robust visitor analytics, our team will connect your site into Google Analytics so you can review visitor behaviour (without any privacy concerns).

Don’t let your WordPress site get out of date!

Did you know that plugin vulnerabilities are exploited on millions of sites each month? The outdated theme, WordPress, and plugin versions are the single biggest reason for the attack.

Launching a new website is a lot of work but it’s not over yet. If you don’t look after your site, audit for on-page SEO and web vitals, and update it on a regular basis, your website will swiftly fall out of date, out of sync, and out of line with your business goals.

Benefits of regular Site Maintenance

Protect your website


Protect your investment from hackers and malware.

Update your website


Keep your site updated at all times without your involvement.

Backup your website


Daily backups ensure peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Save money

Save money

No need to rebuild from scratch because your site is never out of date.

Is this WordPress Care Plan for me?

This update service package is the entry level package and is a great solution for a straight forward WordPress website (without advanced functionality such as being an online store, membership / login functionality or multilingual).

The Relax Maintenance Care Plan Includes:

  • Regular updates to WordPress core files, plugin files and theme files
  • A Daily back up (never more than 24 hours worth of data lost)
  • Enhanced security to protect from cyber attacks or hacking

This care plan is the ideal solution for companies who use their website to generate new business enquiries. It isn’t for online shops or big complex websites with online communities, chat rooms so on, it is more for those companies which use their website as a portfolio, or to highlight their services and take appointments or generate new business enquiries.

So although the website isn’t necessarily driving your revenue it is an important part of new business generation and as such its a good idea to make sure it is maintained and running at its best.

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How the Relax WordPress Care Plan works

Once you sign up to a WordPress Maintenance Service package you will receive a welcoming email explaining how the on-boarding process works, which usually takes around 48 hours to complete.

The on-boarding task list below includes tasks we typically do when a client signs up with us. This prepares the website for on-going WordPress management and ensures that the site is safe, secure and loading fast!

We make sure that the username and password provided for your WordPress website and hosting account work.

The website management system allows us to have your offsite backups running as soon as you sign up and we set up your uptime monitoring so that we’re always the first to know if there’s a problem.

As part of our security checks, we ensure that all inactive users are removed.

We run manual updates. We run initial WordPress Core updates, theme updates and plugin updates for you. We test your site to ensure that everything remains compatible. Our preferred update method is to always update on staging for testing before pushing to live.

Once the on-boarding process is complete (normally within 48 hours) you will receive another email confirming your website has been successfully added to your Website Maintenance Service plan. A few days later you will receive your first maintenance report containing useful details about your WordPress updates, website uptime, backups, security, visitor statistics and website performance.