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We never start with preconceived ideas. Every logo starts out as a blank canvas.

Your logo design and corporate branding are a vital part of your business. It is with these elements that people are going to be able to identify your company from your competitors in the market place. It is therefore important that your logo and branding are designed effectively to ensure you are communicating the right consistent message across the board, be it your marketing literature, website, signage, uniforms, email campaigns or social media channels.

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The Logo Design Process

We guide you on the principles of effective logo and branding design


The first step is to identify what is going to make your business stand out from the competition. We ask a series of questions to help us understand what makes you unique in your market place and why people should be choosing you over another competitor.

This information is important for us to be able to ensure the logo ideas we produce convey these intrinsic values and will appeal to your ideal customer/client.


Once we have a better understanding of your company, the services or products you are selling and your target audience, we will put together a series of logo design concepts which meet that criteria.

This logo design process usually starts with us creating a series of very different looking concepts. This first set of ideas allows us to to explore a range of different areas including typography, colour psychology, graphic and illustrative styles and symbolism.


Next we will present the first set of logo concepts and explain the design rationale behind each idea. Afterwards we will listen to your feedback on each of them. This part of the process allows us to identify what you like and don’t like. We will then go back and refine our ideas in a direction that is more inline with your own aesthetic taste as well as encapsulating those intrinsic company values.


Once we reach that moment when you say “Yes that’s it”, we have a solid foundation to start from. Depending on what the next step is, we can take your new logo and develop it into a brand or apply it to a plethora of different items, be that corporate stationery, marketing literature, your website or vehicles for example.

We can produce brand guidelines too. This document explains how your logo should be used on a day-to-day basis.