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The art of communicating with purpose & objective.

Graphic design is more than just aesthetics, it is actually an important form of communication for your business. You may be wondering why working with a design company would be of benefit for the growth of your own business. If that is the case please read on.

First impressions count. As a species, humans are visually led, subconsciously processing what we see and making strong decisions about what we like and don’t like, often in a matter of seconds. Therefore when a potential customer encounters your company for the first time, it could be via a business card, a landing page on your website, an online ad, a post on social media or your branded vehicles on the road. Realistically it could be anything with your logo on – and as such your brand must consistently convey the right message and enforce your professionalism and credibility across the board. The last thing you want, after all your hard work starting-up, growing and maintaining your business, is to have it all undermined by a badly-designed piece of direct mail, flyer, advert or email campaign, for example.

A reputable, graphic design company, with qualified designers, will have all the necessary skills and contacts to help you achieve this important area of your business.

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Graphic Design Services

We help businesses send the right messages to convert potential customers into loyal ones

Corporate Stationery

Corporate stationery should be as unique as your company.

Our aim is to design business stationery which reflects your business in a positive and professional manner and is something you are proud of. By investing a little time in producing something different from the norm, you will also find your stationery becomes an effective marketing and networking tool.

Whether it is your business cards, letterhead, invoices or even your envelopes and packaging, we design corporate stationery that will be a talking point wherever it is seen.

Brochure Design

Catalogues and brochures are seeing a resurgence in today’s digital era. Online targeted advertising is becoming ever more expensive, and as such only the companies with the biggest marketing budgets are able to compete. Whereas a well designed brochure, accurately distributed serves as a perfect cost effective solution.

Catalogues offer a convenient format in which to present your branded information in a visually enticing way. Catalogues have a longer ‘life span’ than most other forms of print marketing as people often keep hold of a well-designed, informative, good-quality brochure.

Direct Mail

There is evidence that a well-designed and creative piece of direct mail can help reinforce your brand and keep your company at the forefront of your potential client’s mind, as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Direct mail allows you to reach more of your target market. Unlike email marketing, a direct mail campaign can be designed to target specific customers. This means that customers will receive mail that is most relevant to them, which could translate to sales. Unlike emails and adverts, a mail piece is a tangible item. You touch it, you hold it and interact with it, so why not use that unique aspect, and make the most of it?


Advertising and publicity is another key area where graphic design plays a vital role, ensuring that your business is sending the right message in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

A well-designed advert, which reflects your brand, making good use of colour, typography, impactful imagery and a succinct call-to-action, will always ensure your company is not overlooked, and will increase brand recognition, sales and enquiries.

We have helped our clients achieve measurable success in their advertising campaigns across a wide range of publications and media, from the national newspapers to poster and billboard campaigns.