How would your business cope if your website went down unexpectedly? This is exactly what happened to Pixel Point Design customer, Caroline, owner of The Kitsch Hen.

The Kitsch Hen bake and deliver iced biscuits hand-stamped with personalised messages. Pixel Point Design were asked to build them a professional e-commerce website that in turn led to a notable increase in sales and, in the owner’s words, “massively changed the business”.

Web Hosting

With an average of 10 orders a day received and processed through the website, biscuits are baked and dispatched on a daily basis. The website is built in WordPress, utilising a bespoke theme (a collection of files that work together to produce the graphical interface and functionality of the website) designed by Pixel Point Design.

One morning Caroline rose early and checked the website for orders. However, she was puzzled to see nothing there. Some data was present but the theme had disappeared. The website looked unfinished and, to say the least, odd. Puzzlement turned to panic.

Not only would orders be lost without the website functioning, but, looking as it did, would be extremely damaging to the reputation of the business. Certainly Caroline knew that any new customers visiting the site would be immediately put off and would not order. Even worse, Caroline was due to go on holiday the next day and feared that unless she could resolve the issue immediately, it could stay like that for the duration of her holiday (and possibly ruin her holiday for worrying about it).

Caroline contacted the website hosting company who refused to accept responsibility for this outage. They told her that it was a problem with something other than the hosting service and likely to be an issue with the WordPress theme. Caroline knew this not to be the case since all theme updates had been applied and, in particular, because Pixel Point Design is responsible for the updates and maintenance of the system.

So at around 7.30am Caroline emailed Pixel Point Design with an SOS message, and within 30 minutes Dean, our Creative Director, responded. Realising the issue lay with the hosting service, as Caroline had correctly assumed, Dean very swiftly suggested migrating the entire website onto a new hosting service, to which Caroline readily agreed.

Caroline was amazed that the website was up and running on the new platform by the same afternoon, particularly as this was not part of Pixel Point Design’s contract with The Kitsch Hen.

Pixel Point Design were delighted to go the extra mile for their client and, at the same time as effecting the migration, the website was updated to the latest version of WordPress with all plugins and the theme updated too, to ensure that once the switch was made, the site was as stable as it could be.

Website backup service for £99

If you are a customer of ours, you may be interested to know about our new WordPress Backup and Update service which will give you the same peace of mind that Caroline has, and to know that your site is running in as stable and secure fashion as possible.

This service consists of a monthly update, pre- and post-update checks and testing, and checking for signs of attack or infection. The key elements are:

  • Daily offsite backups
  • No storage limit
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Having a reliable and secure web host really is important whatever the size of your website nowadays. Even the search engines are ranking websites based on their speed and security.

We are often asked for recommendations on hosting solutions by our clients and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending SiteGround’s web hosting services. Quite simply they are the best hosting service we have used in over 20 years of building websites for our clients.


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As for Caroline, she went off to enjoy a relaxing holiday and no orders were lost. She also knows that the likelihood of a repeat occurrence is very slim indeed with her new web hosts. That’s what we call a result!

Web Hosting