If you think the advantages of having a new website built won’t justify its cost, then think again!

Your website is your virtual shop-front and therefore it must have maximum visual impact from the minute that your potential customer lands on its pages. Furthermore, it must be pleasing and logical to navigate through to action, whether that be making a purchase or getting in touch.

Responsive ecommerce website design

A challenge was set for us recently by Jo Morris who owns dog accessories company, Doggie Apparel. Jo wanted a website that was clean and minimal and that guided people to purchase without being, as Jo says “in your face” and overtly salesy.

Doggie Apparel had been trading for two years from a physical store in Margate in the UK and decided that it was time to sell online. Having tried to build a website herself, Jo feared that it would take too long to complete and so called in the experts!

Dean Clamp, Pixel Point’s Creative Director, went to art and design college with Jo and although Jo did consider other website designers, she chose Dean partly on the basis that they were on the same wavelength and that he just “got her”. Jo told us that Dean really listens and takes on board everything you say. She said that his ability to produce websites according to the brief of the client is proved by the variety of styles on display in the Work section of the Pixel Point Design website.

In the case of Doggie Apparel, their corporate image was already established so we used this as the basis of the palette for the website, allowing the clean and elegant style to flow from there.

The working relationship was great. Jo says that the team at Pixel Point Design are serious about their work, but fun to work with. Even when Jo changed her branding part-way through the project she said that absolutely nobody showed any sign of stress and remain entirely approachable and helpful with after-sales support.

Jo is thrilled with the results and reveals that the website has had a significant positive impact on the business. She says that buyers, both public and wholesale are able to pick up a quick overview of the company and products on offer and that it has led, amongst many other opportunities, to a deal about to be signed with one of the UK’s major department stores who had landed on the website one day in search of products.

So if that is the sort of impact we are having on our customers’ sales, then we couldn’t be happier.

You can visit the website here: www.doggieapparel.co.uk

If you are interested in having a website built, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.