The Kitsch Hen is delighted with a 100% return on investment in its Pixel Point Design website.

Having worked with Caroline Stafford, founder of The Kitsch Hen (, when she was employed by a previous Pixel Point Design client, we were delighted to hear that she had launched her own new business, baking and selling iced biscuits, and that she wanted to ask us to create her new online shop.

The Kitsch Hen Website

It was a compliment to Pixel Point Design that Caroline didn’t consider any other design agencies; she felt sure that we would be able to meet the brief.

Caroline established her business in May 2016. She bakes and delivers pretty iced biscuits, hand-stamped with personalised messages to say thank you, congratulations, get well soon or for any other special occasion. The immediate response to her product was very positive and sales began rolling in. Impressed recipients of the gifts became customers themselves and so it began to snowball.

At the time of launch, Caroline was using a WIX website that she had built herself. It met the need at that time but as the business grew, Caroline sought something with a more professional, less home-made feel and critically, an e-commerce system that was very easy for the customer to use.

Pixel Point Design were tasked with creating a good-looking, slick and functional website, embracing the pastel hues and palette of the brand. Using images supplied by Caroline, we felt that we succeeded in building a framework that was solid and easy to use, yet whimsical-looking and appealing.

Caroline said that as a small business, investing in a new website felt like a very big step, but one that “massively changed the business”. When we asked if she felt that a return on her investment was achieved, the response was “definitely”.

Once the new website was up and running there was a notable increase in sales. This was compounded by Caroline’s pride in the website which led her to do more sharing and promoting of it via social media.

We built the website so that Caroline would be able to make updates, tweaks and changes herself over time. Caroline is the website owner and manager, but we provide continued support as and when it’s needed.

Caroline says she was impressed by the amount of time we spent with her when training her on how to maintain the website. We are delighted that Caroline finds us approachable enough to contact whenever she has an issue or a question to resolve.

Looking ahead, Caroline is considering a logo update and we hope that she may consider our graphic design and branding services for this.

In the meantime, we continue to support The Kitsch Hen and to watch the business flourish.

Please visit the website here:

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