Our technical and design skills are important to our clients but so is our ability to get along with them in sometimes pressured circumstances.

Specialists in travel to New Zealand, Silver Fern Holidays initially recruited us to design and produce their website. Given the sheer volume of holiday information to present to the public, their main objective was for the site to be as easily navigable as possible but at the same time, stimulating and inspiring for would-be travellers.

We achieved that objective for them www.silverfernholidays.com and were consequently very pleased to be asked to carry out further assignments for them including the production of their latest holiday brochure.

When we asked John Lightwood, Director of Silver Fern Holidays, what prompts his loyalty to Pixel Point Design he said that he continues to work with us because we listen carefully to requirements and if our first attempts require further development, we are happy to go back to the drawing board. Client satisfaction is important to us; we want you to love what we produce for you and so we will keep trying until we get it right.

John also said, “We only work with nice people. Dean Clamp is most pleasant to work with”, somewhat disproving the theory that the more technically minded amongst us (go on then, “geeks” if you must!) cannot also be personable!

Although the design and production of the brochure was on us, it was very much a collaborative project that enabled Silver Fern to feel in complete control of the finished product, enabling them to achieve exactly the result they wanted.

The brochure has to be easy to read and as it’s often taken into and displayed in travel agencies it’s very important that it stands out amongst other collateral and conveys the personal touch of which Silver Fern Holidays is proud, all of which help to differentiate them in a competitive marketplace.

Providing a beautiful finish isn’t always enough; we know that if a client doesn’t enjoy working with us, they won’t come back to us so we’re continuing to work hard on providing high quality products and remembering to always be nice!