Returning client, One Traveller, says, “We are very proud of our brochures and are always grateful to Pixel Point Design for their hard work each year.”

The last time we brought news of our relationship with One Traveller, specialist holiday provider for the mature, solo traveller, was back in early 2018, when we wrote about our achievements in producing their summer 2018 holiday brochure. How time has flown, as here we are again, ready to tell you about the 2019 brochure we produced for One Traveller this summer.

One Traveller 2019 Holiday Brochure

Disaster nearly struck as Creative Director and principle designer in our team for the One Traveller holiday brochure, Dean, broke his wrist at the critical point of production, but being the professional that he is, he simply called upon the gods of ambidexterity and succeeded in using his mouse and computer with his non-dominant hand – talk about going the extra mile!

(As a small aside, when Dean was on-site with One Traveller in Norfolk, he revealed that his cast had been autographed by one of his fellow hotel-stayers, who happened to be Czech. Ian Darkin, One Traveller Managing Director, also coincidentally half-Czech, was amazed to see it, as Czech isn’t a language commonly spoken in Swaffham. He also assured Dean that the scrawling wasn’t anything offensively written in jest!)

Going back to the brochure, One Traveller is a family-run business that offers carefully curated travel for the nervous, often first-time, single traveller and one of the key objectives of the brief was to keep this brochure the same size as the last, previously enjoyed by their loyal customers. Considering new destinations have been introduced however, such as Oman, The Danube and Venice, it was quite a conundrum to find a way to fit in all the new content, without increasing the number of pages! With a solid understanding of brochure design, we called upon our skills to create a new layout, which kept true to the existing brochure design but at the same time did not compromise the content and imagery. This enabled these great new destinations to be included without making the brochure bigger, or feel crowded.

Sample holiday spread from One Traveller brochure

We know that it is the ethos, objectives, spirit, community and people – as well as loyal customers – that make One Traveller special. We therefore felt it was important to convey this uniqueness to reassure existing customers that One Traveller remains the same dedicated and focused company and to inform new customers of exactly what it is that makes One Traveller such a standout travel company. Our creative design means that despite the additional content, it isn’t until page 18 that we start to showcase the destinations.

It was critical for us to have this brochure looking perfect, as the brochure is One Traveller’s shop window and, being their principle means of presenting all of the information about all of the holidays, must be as clear and concise as possible.

Having worked with One Traveller since 2012, Pixel Point Design were very pleased to have been invited to give them ongoing support, and even more delighted to hear that yet again they consider the new brochure a job well done.

Please let us know what you think of the new holiday brochure and if we can help you with a similar project, please do contact us for a no obligation chat.